Shadowrunners: Solitude and Sacrifice

Change of Plans

Blood runs Red while the runners look to secure their bounty.

The moment that Alastor cleaved the last bodyguard on the second train car, the team received a panicked message from Auck’tuum that the train was speeding up..and heading in a new direction. They hardly had a moment to wonder, when their contractor Pascal Waters contacted Big Jim and calmly explained that the train had changed destination somewhere along the track. Apparently Dawnstar owned this particular line and had established their own infrastructure heading east…towards the coast. The team relayed this message to their rigger, who had already taken it upon himself to winch the hovercraft to the rear of the train and board it with haste. Rak was becoming conscious on the hovercraft by this time-all thanks to the medical drone and supplies Auck’tuum brought along.

On the second train car the runners found themselves without an entry to the third car, there had been no need for doors for a delivery of massive cargo. The Boss must have added this car at the last moment.

Nessa took it upon herself to load explosive ammunition into her already massive sniper rifle, and she wasted no time blasting the rear wall of the cargo car open. Reinforced but not impenetrable, the wall caved to the rifle and reveals the second train car ahead of them. They were close. As the elf began to work away at the front door of the third train car the door burst outward and flew past the runners, revealing the inside of the residential car…with no sign of what had thrown it open.

Tobias took it upon himself to charge forward with his minigun at the ready, and Big Jim advised that he point it around the corner and fire off a set of rounds at their hidden opponent. Jim’s intuition was right that their foe waited inside, but the troll couldn’t have been prepared for the swipe of a long thin blade that easily removed his enormous hand still gripping the minigun. He screamed and fell backward onto the floor.

The group only gave it a moment of thought, since the same blade burst from the wall of the train…slicing toward the door. They watched it tear through the metal and their gaze followed a gigantic figure emerging from behind the wall. The light lit up a plethora of body augmentations that hid all trace of humanity, from a partially mechanical skull down to his metallic skin that covered thick dermal plates. The only sign of humanity in this being was a tattered brown coat that draped around his body, and the team glanced down as the coat shifted to reveal bestial leg augmentations that undoubtedly improved his ability to move with agility.

Tobias lifted an arm to point his harpoon gun at the figure now moving into the second train car, pulling the trigger as the figure lifted a hand to catch the projectile. With a flick of his arm the being grabbed the harpoon and whipped the troll against the wall, knocking him unconscious.

No time to waste. Big Jim swiftly moved to the center of the being’s body and slugged him twice, hardly leaving a scratch on the man they had come to call ‘Red’. Nessa took multiple shots from the rear, as Alastor jumped in to swing his claymore at Red’s midsection and left a small tear in an area weakened by Rak’s acid. Taken aback by their immediate strength, Red eyed the runners and lifted his blades high above his head only to carelessly catch them on the cargo of the train, slipping to his knees and allowing Big JIm a moment to throw two jabs and blast his vulnerable human skull. Alastor ripped open Red’s chest even more with his claymore, revealing a glowing logo of this cyber psycho’s creator. Nessa’s sniper rifle rang from behind the party once more, causing Red’s head to snap back on impact.

Freshly wounded though far from out of the fight, Red stood tall and lifted his swords once more and brought one down upon the chest of Alastor, tearing through his armor from shoulder to waist. Big Jim lifted his hands and blocked another swing from Red, his magical shield enough to stop the blade but not the pure force of an augmented arm’s swing. Red lowered his weapons for a charging attack, when one of Auck’tuum’s combat drones flew by outside and unloaded several rounds into Red’s back. The runners clenched their fists and moved at Red once more while Nessa let loose another rifle round from behind. Big Jim rammed his fists into Red’s body again, knocking him back as the being let out thunderous shouts of rage.

Nessa’s rifle round cut a hole in the side of Red’s steel skull and Alastor chose to end the fight promptly, by bringing his heavy claymore through the midsection of Red in a final blow that cut the psycho in half. His body fell to the floor and Red cackled wildly and gasped a warning at the group, “Lockjaw will be coming for you.”

But the fight wasn’t over yet: the Boss of Dawnstar was waiting for them in the next car..and already his other bodyguards began laying a stream of bullets down the hallway where the runners had fought Red. Nessa and Alastor dispatched one of them with a rifle round and a few well placed pistol shots respectively, and the team watched Auck’tuum burst through the door to take another by surprise.

The party felt the train shift, were they headed downward now? Their speed began to pick up, and the light of the outdoors turned to the darkness and loud humming of a tunnel.

Big Jim sprinted to the bodyguard on their side of the third car and clocked him neatly in the jaw and again in the ribs, leaving the man on his knees in pain. Alastor approached the guard on the far end of the car, decapitating him while the rigger held him in place. Jim knocked out the kneeling bodyguard and turned his attention to the booths where the Boss of Dawnstar was certainly waiting. On the whim of a guess, Jim and Alastor ripped open the door to the middle of three passenger booths and revealed Rofenasa Endar. Boss Endar looked exactly as Alastor remembered, a short and contentedly overweight man that dressed well to cover up his greed and subtle milquetoast attitude. Jim grabbed Endar by the collar and slammed him against the outer wall of the car, while the party crossed their arms and looked on with menace.

They questioned him..where was the train heading? Why did it change direction?

He answered with a shaken voice, “This train was headed to Washington before you decided to board it!…b-but we changed course to head to an old facility owned by our parent corporation.”

“Where is this facility located?”, half the runners began to shout.

“Underneath Boston harbor.”

The man’s life was neatly ended and his body tossed aside…Boss Endar and hopefully his company of goons were done. Now the team could get paid.

Pascal Waters contacted Big Jim at that moment to say that Northeast Merc lost their ability to track the train along the coast some miles north of Boston. Then he thanked them for their service and informed Big Jim that their reward would shortly arrive in his accounts, but there could be no helping the change of direction by the train. Northeast Merc had no extraction plan to offer, no idea where they might be heading, and Pascal informed them that they may be in contact someday for another contract, should Big Jim find himself short on finances.

The team prepared for what was to come. Where could the train take them that was underneath Boston harbor?



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