Rak Dendar

Inuit Mage gifted with immense magical power, but not much else.


21 Years Old, as of June 3rd, 2077
Bright White Hair
Pale, nearly white skin.
Crimson Eyes
Very small frame, weak looking and feeble, but with a hard, determined face and intelligence in his eyes.
Dresses in concealing robes and cloaks, mostly blacks and browns.
Tries to leave decent impressions on people, but his small community upbringing has left him little in the ways of charm.
Bored very easily, but when interested can work like a madman toward a goal.


Rak Dendar grew up in a very small native community somewhere far north that thrived mostly on fishing and hunting. Rak, with an exceptional mind, (and fairly exceptional teachers, for such a small tribe) quickly became the tribe’s “Magic Man.” Although he didn’t quite adhere to the strict native beliefs the elders tried to instill in him. Rak was quite feeble and had only average dexterity, (but no patience for mundane things such as weaving or fishing.) so he put his whole life into studying magics of his tribe, and creating his own. He could do anything from summoning spirits of the long dead, to healing, and even casting destructive magics.

One day Rak had left the village to check on the usual fishing spot. At that time it seemed the fish were running out, and things looked dire for the tribe if this trend continued. Rak spent a few hours surveying, calculating, and thinking of solutions to the fish problem. After a while, Rak had some ideas to ask the tribal leaders about. So he set off back to the village.
Only what he found was not his village. Bodies lay everywhere, mutilated and charred. Not a single hut was left without damage, either being completely decimated, or simply set ablaze. Enormous footprints, completely alien to anything Rak had read about or seen littered the entire area, but not leading from anywhere, or to anywhere.

Coming to his senses, Rak observed two armored, and armed men taking notes and surveying the wreckage. He also noticed they both had some sort of rising Phoenix emblem on their shoulders. He hid behind some rubble and tried to listen in to their conversation. Their speech was muffled behind their helmets, but Rak made out something about “The test run was a success” and “We have high hopes for Subject #20**1”

Eventually, the two men sped away in some sort of hover vehicle, and left Rak in the ruins. After searching for any survivors, and lamenting over the sudden loss of his community, Rak decided he had to leave his secluded home. He hadn’t bothered to bury the bodies, not that there was much left to bury anyway. With no one he knew left alive or intact – either physically or spiritually – Rak built himself a vehicle from the rubble and junk, and set out to civilization for the first time.

Rak Dendar

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