Nessa Ryng

This sniper's ego is bigger than Boston.


Full name: Nessa Ryng

Name Meaning: Unknown.

Also known as: Celothiel Astaun’s daughter.

Gender: Female.

Sexual Orientation: Prefers men exclusively. Only humans and elves.

Dominant Hand: Right.

Current Home: N/A

Previous Homes: Southern France. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Birth date: 22 November, 2044.

Ethnicity: Elf.

Age: 33 years.

Hair Traits: Black, mid-back.

Head/Face Shape: Heart shape. Young looking.

Height; Weight: 186 cm, 68 kg.

Eye Color: Ice Blue.

Eyebrows: Small, shaped, dark.

Nose: Small, pointed.

Mouth: Thin, pale red.

Skin Tone: Porcelain.

Disting. Feature: Long, thin elf ears.

Other Features: A tattoo of her sister’s name (Celunia) on the back of her neck.

Physical build: Short, slender, sneaky. In shape but not particularly ‘buff.’

Clothing: Civilian clothes, slightly armoured. Black long sleeve shirt and black pants. White jacket. Black helmet.

Sig. Possessions: Cavalier medium range rifle. Twin berettas. Her mother’s heirloom ring.

Quirks: An insatiable bloodlust. Neo-Nazi style racism towards orks.


Nessa was born an illegitimate child to very distant parents. They were extremely wealthy and spent most of their free time hosting lovely parties and attending elegant affairs. During these parties, Nessa was forced to sit at a table in the corner of the main celebration hall with her guardian Waylan and three other guards in the Crusade. She often used this time to study.

By the time Nessa was twenty, she had grown accustomed to being alone. She spent her whole life in her room, talking to Waylan. Waylan was her own personal guardian. Normally, guards were not supposed to interact with the elves out of respect, but he was friendly. He often gave Nessa new books or advice on her studies. It deeply hurt her when he was killed. A band of ork thieves had infiltrated her home and killed every guard, servant, maid, and elf. Nessa hid with her little sister Celunia behind a false wall in her bedroom, waiting for Waylan to come back. She sat for days, and finally emerged when she was positive that it was totally safe. The orc’s words resonated in her head: “My name is Ingmar, and I’m here to kill the elves.” Nessa glanced one last time before taking her sister and fleeing from the place.

Nessa spent the next few years wandering in southern France. When Celunia got married, she decided it was a good time for her to move to a new continent and start over. She scraped together as much money as she could and bought a plane ticket to Quebec.

Homeless, alone, and broke, Nessa suffered. She had a minor case of PTSD. Exhaustion began to take hold of her ability to protect herself.

The next thing she remembered was the freezing ground beneath her, soaking her clothes. The word Dawnstar came into focus. Nessa forced herself to rise and enter the building.

Nessa Ryng

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