Big Jim

Brash Bruiser in Environmental Armor


8 Body
(TBC later)

6 Unarmed
2 Gymnastics
3 Pistols
(TBC later)

Killing Hands
Does lethal, armor-piercing damage with his fists, if he chooses, and an extra +1 damage to Unarmed (Critical Strikes)

Armor: 20
15 from suit
3 from helmet
2 from Adept power

Knucks: Str+1(+1)
Pistol (TBC later)


Big Jim is a dwarf native to Nova Scotia, and known throughout the island for beating a man to death for the especially nice, dwarf-fitted armor that he now wears. This can make it difficult to find work or indeed approach anyone without them being on guard, resulting in a severe lack of capitol for Big Jim.

Various other rumors of violence have emerged, but his ability to impress female service providers – landladies, grocers, and others – is less well-known, as Jim is not one to offer information about his past freely.

Big Jim

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