Shadowrunners: Solitude and Sacrifice

Assault on Dawnstar

Being paid the cost to hit the boss.

..18,000 wulongs for the boss, and 500 for each of his bodyguard associates, the UCAS agent had offered Big Jim through the local Northeast Merc contact, Pascal Waters. Intel described many talented bodyguards, with one particularly badass mercenary that the party should take care around. Swindled by this government orc’s style and prowess, the party decided follow Big Jim into battle in taking down the organ harvesting back dealing unprofessional twats at Dawnstar. Alastor recalled the permeating hostility of that place following his last visit with indifference. Big Jim just wanted to get paid.

Rak was clear that they couldn’t rush into this without a second thought, and decided to attempt to read the thoughts of the door guard of Dawnstar IG. The guard was in utter stress over recent disturbances at the building over the last day, though his thoughts only revealed enough information to yield the potential dangers of their attack. Big Jim felt a frontal assault was necessary, so he entered only moments after the guard was dispatched in a joint effort of Rak and Alastor.

Inside, Big Jim found himself staring at a silent meat hall full of mercenaries. Faced with no other choice, he suggested that they exit if they didn’t want to be apart of what was to come…all but a small group decided to file out. Among the group three decided to join the parties efforts: Nessa the elf, Tobias the troll, and a rigger human by the name of Auck’tuum. The last two mercenaries sat, drink in hand, with stone stares in the direction of the sudden visitors. Would they interfere? No matter, the party began their journey upstairs only to discover a mounted machine gun on the desk of the boss, the rest of the room was empty. In a moment, Rak tossed a fireball over the top of the stairs and set fire to their opponent and some parts of the room while the mercenaries on the first floor leapt to ambush their opponents on the staircase. Nessa and Big Jim wasted no time rushing their burning opponent and ending his suffering with haste, while Alastor removed the arm of one mercenary with a swipe of his sword and finished the job with a bullet. Across the first floor the other merc began letting off shots from cover in the kitchen, a move that only exposed him to minigun fire and later…a harpoon.

Upstairs Big Jim had located keys on their dispatched opponent that led to the opening of the door behind the bosses desk. Rak tossed a bolt of lightning at the goon at the top of the stairs, followed immediately by Nessa planting a bullet in his jaw, grazing him as he shouted loudly. Before he could even react, Big jim the Dwarf sprinted up the left side of the wall and punched the goon’s jaw clean off- breaking his neck and killing him instantly. The party rejoiced.

Big Jim lifted the final apartment door open with his last action to reveal an empty room… Rak planted his fist on a table yelling, ‘We were set up!’, while Tobias leaned down to comfort him. It was true.

Their connection at NE Merc contacted them via Big Jim’s commlink:

Boss Endar has boarded a cargo train headed south. It is scheduled to stop in Augusta, Boston, and eventually Washington. Do what you have to do.



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