Solitude Gear and Vehicles


Alastor’s Shiny Claymore

Lifted from a bodyguard of Dawnstar’s boss, this claymore is so long that even Alastor’s exceptional strength isn’t enough to lift it one handed. Still, the reach on this weapon is downright bonkers.

Tobias’ ‘Poon’ Gun and Mini Gun


Rak’s Dodge Scoot

Built with turbos to get those extra cc’s, Rak’s moped is always carrying the right tires for the job..even if that job is Halifax, Nova Scotia. We first saw it in the first adventure, when Rak skids out into the street to reveal himself to a victorious Alastor.

Custom Hovercraft

Alastor purchased this hovercraft in order to board the train commissioned by Boss Endar in his escape from Halifax. A sixteen foot long five seat hovercraft, this model was intended for use in heavy snow, topping out at eighty-five miles per hour during a tough blizzard.

Rak’s Snowmachine

Lost in the battle against Dawnstar, this powerhouse snowmobile could keep up with Alastor’s hovercraft if it hadn’t been LOST BY TOBIAS!

Solitude Gear and Vehicles

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