Non-Player Characters

Government Employees


Monitoring the streets of Halifax and the snow drifts of Nova Scotia, this member of the UCAS surveillance program NISA (National Intelligence and Security Agency) has been charged with tracking and dispatching the scum of Quebec. The UCAS has taken charge of security in this area for unknown reasons, though it might be assumed that the local government is unable to manage their problems sufficiently..

Traist Oakhorn

Another government orc, Traist is a biochemist at the Canadian Research and Development (CRD) corporation.

Corporate Personalities

Boss Endar

Leader of minor corp. Dawnstar, the Boss has recently caught flak for accusations of criminal activity among the company’s cohort. The boys met the boss’s sister Madame Endar in an interesting turn of events at her brothel in Halifax, thanks to Big Jim.

Pascal Waters

The party’s connection with NE Merc, Waters offers details about jobs throughout Solitude and tracks the party’s movements in order to pay them according to their clients’ various interests.

Non-Player Characters

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