Mega Corporations

Lone Star

Widely known as the mega guns for hire corporation that rules the confederacy, owns affiliates around the world such as NE Merc.


One of the largest corporation in the world, has prospered since 2064 when it formed out of a merger between several companies. NeoNET controls a vast array of affiliate minor corporations from North America to Asia.

Minor Corporations

Dawnstar Investment Group

Headed by the ambiguous Boss Endar, this minor corporation controls a vast territory in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company originally made its buck by investing in local business, demanding protections funds, and eliminating any opponents to cross their path. As of late, Dawnstar has been tracked by the UCAS government for alleged ‘organ harvesting’ activities in cahoots with local gangers.

NE Merc

Hiring guns out of Boston, MA and operating under the mega-corporation Lone Star. First hired the party in a venture to execute the boss of Dawnstar Investment Group for his organ harvesting crimes.


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