Shadowrunners: Solitude and Sacrifice

Penetration and Train Stations [NSFW]
Boarding the train will require...necessary research.

Before the party could set off, Alastor ventured out to purchase a vehicle to assist in taking down Boss Endar once and for all. He came across a cheap custom hovercraft with little to offer in the way of speed, though armored and capable of carrying allies aplenty. The rest of the party offered research, in the form of Big Jim’s ‘connection’ with a madame of a brothel on the other side of town. One look at the party’s troll and she decided that her brother wasn’t such a great man after all…and perhaps his death could mean the end of a lifelong journey of running from the law. Needless to say… the Troll accepted her advances – In exchange for a hefty reduction of her broker’s fee.

The party learned all they needed about the Boss’ bodyguards and set sail for Maine on a cargo ship bound for the eastern coast. Arriving amid a deep blizzard, the team set off for Augusta in hopes of cutting off the train before it arrived in Augusta. The train moved at roughly one hundred and fifty to two hundred miles per hour though it still had to slow in passing through civilization. The team counted on this eventuality.

Big Jim received a satellite tracking signal on his commlink from Pascal Waters that showed them they were well ahead of the train. Posted north of Augusta, the party sat waiting for the train to arrive. Rak and Nessa looked down sniper scopes to scout the train as it arrived for a stop in Augusta, finding a mounted gun on the back with a readied goon sitting behind it. They saw the armor of the vehicle and decided to board, once more counting on their gut: the Boss would stay aboard through Augusta.

The team raced ahead of the city to position themselves miles outside the boundaries of winter civilization. Crossing heavy snow drifts the snipers took aim at the train while it approached out of town, still traveling at its reduced speed. Clipping the gunner on the furthest train back, Nessa took a few more shots that only curved into the blizzard wind. Rak had the bad luck to fire as his hovercraft hit a bump and hit Tobias, at the time driving the snowmobile and carrying Nessa in a basket on his back. The team decided to wait until the train became much closer.

And the train did get closer, rapidly gaining on them and strangely matching their speed as it pulled up aside them. The second car opened up to display two figures standing at the edge of their car and wielding powerful rifles. Wasting no time, Rak began to spend his energy by flinging a fireball at the opponents. He lit the inside of the car with a blaze and set one of the goons on fire, while the other ran for cover with some burns to boot. Big Jim leaped across the gap and caught himself by the hands on the edge of the train, just barely hauling himself onto it with anticipation to fight. Before anyone could follow, Nessa heard the sound of gunshots flying overhead.

The machine gunner was still sitting there, firing round after round. She set her sniper down and took aim, doing massive damage instantly and knocking his body straight from the train. Alastor leaped across the gap with ease, wielding his claymore with bloodlust. Before anyone else could act, Tobias decided to abandon Rak’s snowmachine, leaping into the train car in an impossible move, with some surprising grace. The gang is all here.

All except the rigger and Rak, still on the hovercraft outside. Rak cast a full force chaos world over the car supposedly carrying the boss, and by some miracle managed not to pass out. Shots rang out inside the train car, and the Rigger slapped Rak with a stimpatch.

Inside the other still warm train car, Big Jim rushed his opponent in cover and took two swipes at him, punching him in the face once with immense force. On the other side of the car, Nessa finished the burning goon with a quick shot to the head before taking cover in the basket on the back of Tobias. The troll charged forward and opened the door to the next car, another container filled with cargo. Three bodyguards looked ready for a fight.

Tobias pulled his harpoon gun out and planted a shot in the shoulder of the first goon, jumping backwards to take cover while ripping the harpoon out. Alastor ran past to charge the enemies on the other side of the room, instantly slicing one with the claymore he claimed in the battle against Dawnstar. Big Jim knocked his foe unconscious and charged forward to viciously punch the harpooned goon in the stomach, knocking him to his knees.

On top of the train car, the party heard a massive thump. Rak revealed that a massive figure had appeared on top of the car, perhaps the lead bodyguard of Boss Endar that the madame had called ‘Red’. The mystic jumped to cast acid on this foe, creating a massive cooling fog that the mercenary ran out of easily…though his armor seemed somewhat damaged. With the mental fatigue of casting so many full force spells in such short time, Rak finally blacked out. Red disappeared into the blitzing snow, running across the train in the direction of Boss Endar.

Tobias whipped out his harpoon again and took aim down the long hall of the cargo container, just as his target laid into the trigger of his machine gun and sprayed bullets around Alastor and down the hall only to hit Big Jim for mildly annoying damage. Tobias nailed him in the side with the ‘poon gun, ripping it out just as before. Alastor decided that this man’s life should be over, his claymore seemed to agree.

Assault on Dawnstar
Being paid the cost to hit the boss.

..18,000 wulongs for the boss, and 500 for each of his bodyguard associates, the UCAS agent had offered Big Jim through the local Northeast Merc contact, Pascal Waters. Intel described many talented bodyguards, with one particularly badass mercenary that the party should take care around. Swindled by this government orc’s style and prowess, the party decided follow Big Jim into battle in taking down the organ harvesting back dealing unprofessional twats at Dawnstar. Alastor recalled the permeating hostility of that place following his last visit with indifference. Big Jim just wanted to get paid.

Rak was clear that they couldn’t rush into this without a second thought, and decided to attempt to read the thoughts of the door guard of Dawnstar IG. The guard was in utter stress over recent disturbances at the building over the last day, though his thoughts only revealed enough information to yield the potential dangers of their attack. Big Jim felt a frontal assault was necessary, so he entered only moments after the guard was dispatched in a joint effort of Rak and Alastor.

Inside, Big Jim found himself staring at a silent meat hall full of mercenaries. Faced with no other choice, he suggested that they exit if they didn’t want to be apart of what was to come…all but a small group decided to file out. Among the group three decided to join the parties efforts: Nessa the elf, Tobias the troll, and a rigger human by the name of Auck’tuum. The last two mercenaries sat, drink in hand, with stone stares in the direction of the sudden visitors. Would they interfere? No matter, the party began their journey upstairs only to discover a mounted machine gun on the desk of the boss, the rest of the room was empty. In a moment, Rak tossed a fireball over the top of the stairs and set fire to their opponent and some parts of the room while the mercenaries on the first floor leapt to ambush their opponents on the staircase. Nessa and Big Jim wasted no time rushing their burning opponent and ending his suffering with haste, while Alastor removed the arm of one mercenary with a swipe of his sword and finished the job with a bullet. Across the first floor the other merc began letting off shots from cover in the kitchen, a move that only exposed him to minigun fire and later…a harpoon.

Upstairs Big Jim had located keys on their dispatched opponent that led to the opening of the door behind the bosses desk. Rak tossed a bolt of lightning at the goon at the top of the stairs, followed immediately by Nessa planting a bullet in his jaw, grazing him as he shouted loudly. Before he could even react, Big jim the Dwarf sprinted up the left side of the wall and punched the goon’s jaw clean off- breaking his neck and killing him instantly. The party rejoiced.

Big Jim lifted the final apartment door open with his last action to reveal an empty room… Rak planted his fist on a table yelling, ‘We were set up!’, while Tobias leaned down to comfort him. It was true.

Their connection at NE Merc contacted them via Big Jim’s commlink:

Boss Endar has boarded a cargo train headed south. It is scheduled to stop in Augusta, Boston, and eventually Washington. Do what you have to do.

The Story So Far
Blizzard conditions and organ harvesting scum...what awaits?

Alastor the human swordsman, Big Jim the dwarf brawler adept, and Rak the Inuit mystic found themselves in the middle of a brawl outside of the Dawnstar Investment Group headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The boys had met earlier during an encounter involving organ harvesters that heard good stuff about someone’s organs and made haste trying to steal the meat.

After dispatching their opponents, Big Jim received a message about a potential job. The boys shortly found themselves in an abandoned warehouse by the docks, speaking with an unnamed government employee that needs Dawnstar taken care of…


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