Alastor Lavind

A determined mercenary on a quest for vengeance.


22 Years old
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Black Hair
Dark Green/Grey Eyes

Lean agile build
Wears a long leather duster
Indifference on his face with intensity in his eyes
Many scars


Alastor was born January 20th 2055 in the Aztlan sector of Denver: the Front Range Free Zone. He was the youngest member of the Lavind family. His father had departed shortly after Alastor’s birth for unknown reasons. So he lived with his older sister and mother in a humble apartment, occupying himself with reading legends and other novels. As a youth he aspired to great deeds and achievements; all he saw as unattainable due to his low birthplace. Alastor spent most of his time alone due to this, looming in self-pity for his circumstances.

His mother was rarely around, she spent most of her time working as an herbalist for local apothecaries. His sister was twelve years his elder and watched over his sulking with a somber gaze. On January 20th 2061, Alastor’s 7th birthday, he was surprised by his sister and mother with a hoverboard. A gift that is far more luxurious than he could have ever imagined. Alastor spent much of his day on the hoverboard, he made friends around town and eventually earned a small wage delivering minor contraband items/substances around the block.

It’s because of this that Alastor didn’t witness the Casquilho family debt collectors visiting his apartment at the end of almost every week. He came home long after his mother and sister slept and left before they woke up. Overjoyed at this taste of freedom and the slow savings building towards his aspirations Alastor failed to notice these threats until the day it peaked. It was a mid-October night, long after even Alastor had gotten to sleep when the door was shattered onto their small kitchen floor. A man that looked to be in his mid-thirties stepped into the apartment, ducking under the large metal arm of a troll that had caved in the door. A man in his mid-thirties stood menacingly in front of the now awakened Lavind family. He demanded payment in full for the loan that the family owed to the Casquilho. Alastor half-stood exhausted in the background, not fully comprehending the situation before him. When his mother confessed she didn’t have the money, the man motioned towards the door frame. The metal arm of the troll held the top of the frame as he ducked into the apartment. Alastor realized the danger now as his sister began to cry. He ran up to the man and held out his savings towards him. At a glance the man smirked and motioned towards him loosely. The troll picked Alastor up and crushed him horribly, breaking nearly every bone in his body. He fell broken to the floor, his last sight the violation of his mother and sister by both the man and troll. Alastor blacked out.

He awoke in the bed of the primary apothecary that his mother had frequently delivered too. There he learned the fate of his family and was bed ridden by his injuries for many weeks. By December the still mourning Alastor could walk with the aid of a crutch. Already a deep hatred burned in his heart and for the first time he experienced a bloodlust he would continue to feel for the years to come.

December 24, 2061 the great dragon Ghostwalker destroyed most of the Aztlan sector of Denver, Alastor barely escaped his end in the massive destruction wrought. He used the money he had looted from the corpses that littered the streets to pay his way out of Denver, hitchhiking his way across North America. By January 27th 2062, Ghostwalker had taken control of Denver completely and ordered all Aztlan’s out of the city. He worked in small crime like smuggling and theft to pay his way. Alastor then began his journey towards vengeance.

Alastor Lavind

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